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The Lam Brook flowing from Lansdown towards Larkhall, Lambridge and the Avon on 31st January 2019

The name of this webpage  'Lam Brook - Jan 2019' is a bit misleading as there are also photos of Ashley Road (between Ashley and Bathford) included. The photos were taken on Thursday and Friday, 30th and 31st January.

I suppose John (Forrester) must be a fan of the 60s/70s TV Western series High Chaparral. This High Chaparral stretches from the western habitations of Ashley to the byway which leads to the railway footbridge.
Heading west along the adopted part of Ashley Road in the shade of an oak at the moment
Ashley Road is just a narrow path along the field margin here; the upper, eastern reaches of Bathford lie in the distance
Following a freezing night (29th/30th January 2019) the numerous puddles in Ashley Road have a coating of ice
Another substantial, ice-topped puddle in Ashley Road on 30th January 2019
This molehill was 'active'; about every 20 seconds more earth would come piling out
An ice 'bird' (use your imagination) in an Ashley Road puddle
An ice 'fish' in an Ashley Road puddle
Birds, fish, moles and now toads in Charlcombe Lane - I'll have to watch my step if I come this way later in the month
The view east from Lansdown with from left/front to right/rear: Swainswick, Solsbury Hill, Bannerdown, Bowden Hill (in far distance), Kingsdown and Farleigh Down - this prospect on 31st January 2019 before the heavy snowfall
Heading down the Lam Valley from Lansdown on 31st January 2019; Bannerdown (left) and Farleigh Down (right) in the distance
Heading down the Lam Valley with catkins much in evidence; Solsbury Hill dominates the view east
A closer view of those catkins; Batheaston, Farleigh Down and Kingsdown beyond
Winter stalks on the way down to the Lam Brook; Farleigh Down and Bathampton Down beyond
The eastern side of the Lam Brook Valley with Charlcombe and Swainswick beyond; the brook flows through the middleground trees
The pathway is about to reach the valley bottom and the brook itself
The Lam Brook which started life close to the brow of Tog Hill and Cold Ashton; hart's tongue fern at left
Getting close to civilisation (?) now at Larkhall
About to pass the rear entrance to Her Majesty's winter retreat at Larkhall; the corgis can just be let out for a crep on the bank or perhaps the footman can take them up the Lam Brook Velley whence I just came
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