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Here you will find news, articles and photos of an area that straddles the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in north-west Wiltshire.


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Rudloescene now, in January 2014, has a sister, academic rather than anarchic, website about Box history here: http://www.boxpeopleandplaces.co.uk/

It contains thoroughly professional, well-researched articles about Box and its people.


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C'est la vie as they say in Suffolk. A local enjoying the early-morning sunshine outside his Lowestoft beach hut.

En route to Suffolk and Lincolnshire for an exotic break, we came across this 'spot the difference' competition on a van side
Just a passing snap on the M25 close to Rickmansworth but I love this, now weather-worn, graffiti 'Give Peas A Chance'. Unfortunately, the usual suspects have added some inane rubbish which spoils the original artwork.
The Cote d'Azur? Costa del Sol? No, it's balmy Lowestoft on 13th September 2018
Lowestoft beach huts on 13th September 2018
Lowestoft's old pier would normally be bearing the brunt of North Sea gales but here it sits, on 13th September 2018, in a millpond
Beccles is a short hop from Lowestoft; this plaque celebrates a fascinating alumna of the local grammar school. Wikipedia is well-worth checking.
Lowestoft beach, the North Sea and a passing ship. By the way, Lowestoft is the most easterly location/town in the UK.
A close-up (of sorts) of that passing ship
The ship is still out there beyond the nascent dune and the groyne
A collection of stones on the sea wall
A collection of larger stones on the shore
Lowestoft locals on the seafront. Rather than selling Big Issue, they make their living through lobster and prawn fishing.
Our ship is exiting stage right (or North Sea right in this case)
Back to Beccles and British Railways lives on and, hopefully, will be revived throughout the land
Greater Anglia operates on this, picturesque, East Suffolk line.

The reader will find many articles on rudloescene about the dishonesty, distortions and misrepresentatios from the Government, the press and others about our railway system. One such canard is that a nationalised railway is fine for other countries but it would not be appropriate for Britain. Over the past number of years the Government has trumpeted the massive investment being made in our (privatised) railways and reflects that British Railways provided a poor service. If only government had invested in our railways in the past, we would have had a fine nationalised system such as those of our continental neighbours. Greater Anglia (ref the picture above) is operated by the (nationalised) Dutch company Nederlandse Spoorwegen and the Japanese conglomerate Mitsui. Apart from the irony of our railways being operated by foreign, nationalised companies (and profits drifting across the Channel), during World War II several of the Mitsui group companies used Allied prisoners of war as slave labour when the prisoners were subjected to brutal treatment and torture.

Now on to Skegness and model sailing ships in a Skeggy caravan
Al fresco dining, Skeggy style
A September Sunday in Skegness. Untold tat being peddled here, and across the country, in car boot sales.
A bungalow bike sale
This disabled lady (inside the buggy) made quite a trip with her trailer to sell at the car boot sale
One of many open-top buses making the round trip between Skeggy and Ingoldmells, taking in Nightmare (sorry, Fantasy) Island
A still from a soon-to-be-released film 'Escape from Nightmare Island'
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