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Inveterate explorers Steve and Mark at the trig point (218m above sea level) atop Kelston Round Hill. Following Andrew Swift's walk 5 in his Country Walks from Bath, the three pathfinders stopped for lunch (and a pint) at the Bird in Hand at Saltford. Now this may sound a bit overblown but my vegetable tagine with cous cous and flatbread was absolutely marvellous and I have resolved to return (soon). The pint wasn't too bad either so, having acquired the taste, we made an unscheduled diversion to the Crown on the main road. Here we found some comfy chairs, a roaring log fire and a fine view (of the barmaids); one pint led to another and ... instead of following the return 'Avon Navigation' half of the walk, we took the bus back to Bath (so much for adventurers and pathfinders, it was getting dark and the three pathfinders had morphed into sugarfeet).

There were many (potentially) wonderful views on this walk but we had chosen a murky, November day so the viewer will have to use his or her imagination with regard to the following photos.

Pathfinders Mark and Steve heading out of Bath, on the Cotswold Way, towards Kelston Round Hill
Weston from the Cotswold Way with Lansdown beyond
The edge of the city is clearly defined (in the murk); Beckford's Tower may be seen (if your eyesight is good) at the southern end of Lansdown
Deviating from the path up Kelston Round Hill
Now heading down t'other side towards Kelston
The distances are a tad optimistic
The good boys skipped the Old Crown at Kelston and pressed on to the Bird in Hand at Saltford
Tucked out of the way near the church
Pom poms on poplars (I think) close to Bath Soft Cheese Company HQ at Kelston
Looking back to Kelston Round Hill from the south
Now we've reached the trackbed of the Midland extension of the Somerset & Dorset Railway
Yes, we're on a 1 in 200 gradient Steve - tough going eh?
The bridge across the Avon at Saltford that carried the Midland extension of the Somerset and Dorset Railway
Now, where's that pub?
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