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Roman graves hewn in the cliffs above the Tangiers shore

Departing Tarifa for Tangiers
The Moroccan Rif extends from Tangiers to the Algerian border - it is seen here beneath an extensive bank of cloud close to the Moroccan shore
The hills of south-western Andalusia are alive with wind turbines. Here we see quite a number on a hilltop west of Tarifa.
That bank of cloud appears to have dispersed as we enter the port of Tangiers
Apartment blocks above the port at the western extremity of the Rif
Hundreds of Moroccan women queuing for the ferry to Tarifa. They will travel on to Almeria to work in the vegetable/fruit industry.
Walking in the foreshore below the Tangiers cliffs
Always get the horizon level - aaaaargh! My three companeros survey the Tangiers shore amongst the Roman graves.
Tangiers Ville railway station which includes the terminus of the 200-mile, high-speed (200 mph) line to Casablanca used by the double-descker 'Al-Boraq' trains built by French company Alstom (a third of all UK train journeys are on Alstom-built trains)
The entrance hall of Tangiers Ville railway station
Happy, would-be passengers in the station concourse. Happy because the return, high-speed, 200-mile, return trip to Casablanca is 34 euros each.
Buying spices in a Tangiers market
The olive stall in a Tangiers market
The veg stall in a Tangiers market
Some up-to-date, western films showing at Cinema Rif: 1917, Queen and Slim and Breakfast at Tiffany's
Good to see that unions continue to have a strong presence in Morocco
A shoe-shiner at a Tangiers cafe with, at left, a 'tagged' (castrated and checked for rabies) local hound while, at right, a moggie looks on. The dog barked incessantly at a pugnacious young lad who passed - they must have had a previous 'coming together'
In a Tangiers street
Waiting for the return ferry
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