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It's hard to imagine an urban environment that could be as miserable as Swindon town centre. Brunel would turn in his grave if he could see the shopping centre that has been thrown up in his name (the Brunel Centre). And the demographic of Swindon has changed beyond recognition in the last twenty years. What's wrong with that I hear you cry - well, isn't this the elephant in the room when it comes to the housing requirement (for example). Barely a week goes by without a media call quoting a politician's or party's entreaty "we must build more homes" but for whom? The UK population stood at 67 million in 2020/21 having risen by eight million over the previous twenty years with about seven million directly or indirectly linked to immigration - see https://www.migrationwatchuk.org/what-is-the-problem. This is a significant factor in the housing issue (the elephant in the room) which no one will address for fear of the 'r' word.

The gentleman at far left (just caught him in the frame) was roaming around yelling "You tap me because of my colour, I tap you"
The Magistrates Court building just behind the shopping centre is part of a desolate concrete jungle
The Emporium of Loveliness
Central Swindon is awash with monstrosities such as this
Two trees (London planes) add a little of nature to the misearble streetscape
Taking a break (I guess not his lunch break) in the Brunel Centre
Coronation flags and bunting; the Brunel Centre beyond
"I am smokin' a fag"
More uninspiring (to say the least) structures (but there are some trees beyond)
This looks a tad better - London planes outside Wetherspoon's Savoy
Cafe society at the Savoy - this group was here at 11:45 and was still here at 16:45 (when this picture was taken). How the other half lives!
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