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19th March 2023 finds us on a constitutional around Westwells. The right of way, CORM63, that runs from the Wadswick Green entrance across to Sands Farm at Westwells is not signposted at either end; WG residents (and others) may not be aware that this is a right of way. This is important as the field through which the ROW runs has fallen into the hands of developer Westwells Paddock (see March 2023 article here: March 2023 article). The title picture shows the sycamore across the road from the CORM63 (and CORM140) entrance at Wadswick Green.

The marvellously wild field through which CORM63 runs (this is the Wadswick Green end). Green woodpecker seen here.

The following gallery contains images taken from CORM63 twixt Wadswick Green and Sands Farm

Close to Sands Farm on CORM63
Close to Sands Farm on CORM63. Green woodpecker seen again here.
Close to Sands Farm on CORM63
Sunday family recreation at the Donkey Field
Know your place on CORM60 - there's quite some number of these on both sides of the ROW
Goat willow with branches across CORM60
More marvellously wild scrubland adjacent to CORM60
Starting the descent towards Spring Lane
On the descent towards Spring Lane
Spring Lane appears to be a 'sunken lane'. Hoskins in 'The Making of the English Landscape' describes their origin as boundaries between Anglo-Saxon estates created by slave labour throwing up earth to create hedgebanks on each side.
Know your place. The landowner-serf (slave labour) relation continues.
The MoD taking back control... Suez is a French (international) waste company - see https://www.suez.com/en/about-us/governance
Coppiced willows (?) by CORM133 en route to Hudswell
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