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Following the unannounced, 2016, widespread, herbicide spraying, seeds that have, presumably, lain dormant in the Stafford/Daw/Gladman/Redrow 'development' (but hopefully not) fields at Pickwick have germinated. Here we see oats or oat grass, pineapple weed, daisies of some kind, poppies, dock, rosebay willowherb and ragwort and ...

Remnants of the demolished dry stone wall and poppies mainly gone to seed at the field edge opposite St Patrick's
Following the delay (hopefully permanent) in the Stafford/Daw/Gladman/Redrow scheme, the farmer (Stafford I presume) has reverted to his raison d'etre ... farming ... rather than taking advantage of his landowner status to make £millions
The Stafford/Daw/Gladman/Redrow field has, thankfully, returned to agricultural use; one of the field's limes is shrouded in early-morning mist
Convolvulus arvensis bordering the small meadow at the Roundhouse roundabout. Thankfully, the owner (Dr. MacArthur) has seen fit to retain one, small green space in west Corsham.
The bit of dry stone wall that still remains bordering the Stafford/Daw fields with the lime (to the right) and maple (looks like, but I've lost track) to the left providing shelter for some of the sheep
All the sheep are now making use of the shade provided by the maple and lime in the Stafford/Daw fields
The cottages, rented by landowner Daw I believe, which if the development goes ahead (god forbid) will be surrounded by an estate of clone houses of a type which could be found in any location across the country
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