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An image of John Carfrae in his army days.


John (Jack) Carfrae was posted to India with the army and lived there with his wife Lily and their daughter Margaret. Their son John was born in India in 1939 when Margaret was 3 years old. Lily, Margaret and John returned to England in 1943 aboard the steamship Stirling Castle via Bombay, Durban and New York. Bob Carfrae was born that same year.


Upon their return to England they lived at Uckfield in East Sussex before moving to The Ridge. Margaret remembers her father going on night patrols around the area and carrying a side arm. They lived at The Ridge until the early 1950s (photos of Carfrae children and others at The Ridge may be found here: The Ridge) when they moved to Peel Circus (Hudswell) for a time and then onto Boxfields.

Lily Carfrae, Margaret and Margaret's husband Ken in Aldhelm Crescent with the family's Mini in which Margaret is learning to drive. Looks like a neighbour has a Jowett Javelin (the black car behind the Mini).
Ready for 'the off' with the kids (see next picture) in the back seat
A driving lesson with the children, Ann and Carol, in the back seat (this is, of course, before the introduction of seat belts - 1967 if memory serves). The children, here Fowler, are now Ann Andrew and Carol Allen.
First hurdle (the Michael Lawton plant hire truck) negotiated as the children wave from the rear seat
And off, turning right into the wild blue yonder (well Boxfields Road anyway). The 'pitched roof' estate, south of Boxfields Road, lies beyond.
Margaret Fowler at home at 5 Aldhelm Crescent, Boxfields
Margaret with younger daughter Carol who married Phil Allen. It is through Phil that these photos, and the Carfrae story, were made available.
The front garden of 5 Aldhelm Crescent with an unknown child cutting the grass
Lily Carfrae shown here in a double exposure (a not uncommon problem with old, film cameras) along with a neighbour's Willys Jeep pickup.
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