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'We' moved (or moved back in her majesty's case) to Rudloe in August 1975, specifically to the 'top end' of Springfield Close, close to the military comms tower. The first weekend following our move, a couple of lads (CB and R(M)M) climbed to the top of the tower in the early hours of Sunday morning following a 'session' at the Flamingo. The police (MoD I would guess) arrived on the scene and there followed an extensive shouting match between all parties (which was what woke us up) for quite a while. The lads did eventually come down of course but that was an interesting initiation to life at Rudloe. The tower was, about twenty years later, considerably reduced to its present (11th April 2020 at time of writing as photos have just been discovered in 'the archives') height. Photos of the dismantling follow.

Data centres en route to Spring Quarry pass through Rudloe in November 2011

Keith Angell, formerly of Kings Avenue and more recently of Rudloe, ploughing a lonely furrow up the Bradford Road in the early 90s after visiting his son-in-law's hardware store in Corsham precinct
The Bradford Road 'below' Rudloe Estate - October 1998
This is farmer Payne of Colerne farming in 1998 before his transformation to a speculative developer. The fields are those which have now become the monstrous Corsham Science Park and the Dickens Gate development (£5m into Payne's pocket).
Okay, just cows in a field but this is Leafy Lane Playing Fields in its former life in the 80s
Winter aconites in Leafy Lane at the turn of the century, Rudloe House opposite
Unusual weeping ash at the edge of Rudloe Estate and the woodland bordering the Bradford Road - 1998 (now felled of course!)
The Bradford Road at Rudloe - January 1998
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