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Limestone quarries opened up at The Ridge, Eastlays, Elm Park, Brockleaze and Monks Park in the 19th century. During the first world war, Ridge Quarry was used for TNT and cordite storage. In 1935, Ridge Quarry and others were requisitioned by the War Office and adapted by the Royal Engineers. Ridge and Tunnel quarries along with Monkton Farleigh were collectively known as the Central Ammunition Depot (CAD).


Many bungalows/prefabs were built all around the Corsham area for the thousands of workers who came from far and wide (Ireland, the north-east) to work at CAD and at other underground factories including Bristol Aircraft, BSA, Parnell and Dowty.


The Carfrae family, John, Lily and their children Margaret, John and Robert along with Lily's mother Hannah Churchill lived at The Ridge before moving to Aldhelm Cresent at Boxfields. Phil Allen who married Margaret's daughter Carol has sent photos of the family's time at The Ridge which enabled this webpage to be established. The title photo shows Margaret, Robert and John.

John (Jack) Carfrae was posted to India with the army and lived there with his wife Lily and their daughter Margaret. Their son John was born in India in 1939 when Margaret was 3 years old. Lily, Margaret and John returned to England in 1943 aboard the steamship Stirling Castle via Bombay, Durban and New York. Bob Carfrae was born that same year.


Upon their return to England they lived at Uckfield in East Sussex before moving to The Ridge. Margaret remembers her father going on night patrols around the area and carrying a side arm. They lived at The Ridge until the early 1950s when they moved to Peel Circus (Hudswell) for a time and then onto Boxfields - photos of the family at Boxfields may be found here: Carfrae family archive.

Looks like happy days at The Ridge with John and Robert (Bob) Carfrae at centre in the back row with the family home (probably) behind. And the trees in the field beyond are, most likely, long-lost elms.
John and Robert (Bob) Carfrae on the trolley from the same viewpoint as the group photo above

A history of Ridge Quarry may be found here: https://www.subbrit.org.uk/sites/ridge-quarry/

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