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Moonrise over Rudloe Social Club - Christmas 1999

Murphys, Kellys and an O'Shea. Many, or perhaps most, of the families on the Rudloe Estate were Irish. The working family members came, during the second world war, to work in the underground factories established to secure the manufacturing of aircraft parts against Hitler's bombs. Others worked in the underground armaments depots at Tunnel Quarry, Eastlays and Monkton Farleigh which were together known as the Central Ammunitions Depot. Later, families either joined the worker or were established in the traditional manner of the time (courting, engagement, marriage, children!). The Rudloe prefab estate, one of many in the Corsham area, had the identity 'Site 14'. The prefabs were demolished in the early 1960s and the current Rudloe Estate was completed in 1964. In the first photograph below, we see two Kelly boys and Martin O'Shea in Bankwaters Road (see later photo); the gallery that follows is a archive of photos taken in around 1953 at the Murphy family home which was located in the area of what is now the 'top' of Westwood Road.

An image from c1970 with an adventurous nun, two Kelly boys and Martin O'Shea in Bankwaters Road on Rudloe Estate. In the background we see the shop with the 'egg packing factory' (latterly Westinghouse stores) beyond.

From family photos, we turn to the heart of the community (which was torn out in 2002), Rudloe Social Club (and Rudloe Stores)

Rudloe Social Club - Christmas 1997
Rudloe Club, rear view - Christmas 1997
Rudloe Club, from the playing field - Christmas 1997
Rudloe Club - January 1998
Rudloe Club - January 1998
Rudloe Stores in January 1998
Spring is sprung at Rudloe Club - 1999
Moonrise over Rudloe Club - Christmas 1999
Regulars at Rudloe Club in the 'good old days' - summer 1999

Demolition of Rudloe Club - 2002 (images 1 and 3 above); start of work on new Community Centre - 2000 (image 2). Click on image to enlarge and view caption. And below, we see the new Centre at right with demolition of the old 'Club' underway at left.

2002 - Rudloe Club is demolished with the 'famous' Bass sign left hanging
Construction underway of the incongruous Club Row - March 2003, Rudloe Stores beyond
Bankwaters Road - May 2000
Rudloe Estate from the (then) oilseed rape field at the turn of the century
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