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A Christmas story which illustrates that the police are not to be trusted ...


I am an adult with ‘special needs’, with domestic and psychiatric care, having to take a daily ‘cocktail’ of drugs. I suppose I am one of those souls who, following the closure of institutions during the Thatcher years, is cared for in the community. But what is the community? A town?  A village? A street? Neighbours? From what I am told, given modern busy lifestyles, many people do not even know their neighbours. Luckily and unbeknown to the police, a small group of family and friends supports me.


Some time ago, a crime was apparently committed in the area where I live. Following an appeal on social media, someone said they saw me walking into town at around the time that the ‘crime’ was committed. Even though this sighting put me in a different location from where the crime took place, the police used this sighting as evidence to charge me. As the victim mentioned a phone and a coat with a hood, they took my phone, one of my coats (without a hood – none of my coats has a hood) and one of my hats (the victim did not mention a hat) for examination. But the police have not mentioned my phone (or my hat) in their reports so where is it? And a description of the coat (without the reported hood) that the police took, subsequently appeared in the victim’s statement.


The ‘crime’ was apparently committed in a very busy area so it’s quite likely that many responses would have been received to the social media appeal but the police have only used the one response – the one that put me in a different location entirely. Not only that but there are two CCTV systems that likely could have confirmed my location at the time that the crime was committed; the police made no attempt to check the tapes from these systems.


No one, not one agency, has bothered to examine the evidence carefully, evidence which clearly demonstrates my innocence. Instead, the bureaucratic establishment wall of the police, the CPS, the solicitor, the barrister and the courts is impossible to penetrate. Not only that but we (me, my family and friends) have found that the justice system is in chaos. I have had to go to court, in Swindon (Swindon, because the new state-of-the-art Chippenham court is closed and will, apparently be converted to yet another supermarket) four times over the past year without any result ... and I will have to appear again. And because of my difficulties, I don’t understand the court proceedings.


It looks like I was seen as an easy target so to use the vernacular, I have been ‘stitched up’ while the person who did commit the crime has been allowed to get away with it. This case has been such a crude contrivance that it is difficult to imagine how the police thought they could get away with it, but they have ... so far.


The Wiltshire Police Specials recruitment webpages include the following:


The police service is committed to maintaining the highest levels of honesty and integrity and to preventing corrupt, dishonest, unethical or unprofessional behaviour. Vetting helps support this, reducing the risks of unauthorised disclosure or loss of sensitive police information. Public confidence in the police is crucial, particularly as we "police by consent." Public confidence in policing depends on officers, staff, Specials and volunteers demonstrating the highest standards of personal and professional behaviour.


Really? Well, 'we' have significant evidence to the contrary which will be revealed at an appropriate time.

The 'appropriate time' has arrived - see file below:

Analysis of case against innocent man.pd[...]
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