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The Rudloe litter-pick on 7th October 2018 sees Howard breezing up the A4 and a Turkish cigarette packet in Lower Rudloe Lane which gives us the opportunity to learn a bit of Turkish. Unsurprisingly, the front (with the clasped hands) of the pack says "Smoking causes premature ageing of the skin" and the reverse "Smoking can cause serious harm to you and your environment". So if you see a Turk with ageing skin ...

Brian, Rob and John head down the Bradford Road towards Thorneypits with litter in mind
Derrick running the gauntlet of the traffic in Bradford Road
Robin approaching the entrance to Rudloe Firs on the A4
Howard on the A4 with the 'Blue Remembered Hills' of the Marlborough Downs beyond
Howard in the (unnamed) lane that leads from the A4 to Mr T's B&B, Folly Cottage etc
Howard, John (another one), Madeleine, Viki, Derrick and yours truly with an impromptu debrief in Leafy Lane
A relatively modest haul this month but every little helps. Others who took part in this month's litter pick but were not photographed or mentioned in captions were Mike, David and Rod and Lorraine

November 2018. See the yellow speck down the Bradford Road? That's Howard wending his way back to Litter HQ. See the plant in the foreground? That's horseradish. In the second picture, we see Viki, Howard and horseradish.

I will repeat here the post-pick email I sent to the Rudloe email group ...


To those that called I said that this morning's litter-pick was off in view of the inclement weather. However I hadn't taken into account the nature of the hardy Rudloeite ...
This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle,
This happy breed of men (and women), this little world, 
This precious stone set in the silver sea, 
Against the envy of less happier lands, 
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this Rudloe.
(with apologies to Johann Sebastian Shakespeare)
Three stalwarts plus yours truly braved the lanes of Rudloe ... for the full story of their 4th November adventure, see the Litter section of rudloescene (eventually).

So here we have that, 'eventual' (actually not so eventual) story of the November litter-pick, in pictures.

The litter-pick rendezvous just before 10 o'clock and it's belting down. I was here to tell anyone that might turn up that the pick was off.
Yet three stalwarts, Howard, Gordon and Viki, braved the rain to keep our environment litter-free. Die Hard 4 coming to a cinema near you soon.
For years, 'someone' has been scattering fruit, vegetables and bread in the woodland at Rudloe Firs. Perhaps it's that same 'someone' who also scatters similar stuff in the Bradford Road woodland (by the school). Here's this week's offering - pasta shells
Howard wending his way up Bradford Road back to Litter HQ at the junction of Leafy Lane and Boxfields Road
Viki and Howard guarding the horseradish at Rudloe Fiveways
This month's relatively modest haul which includes a steel balloon inflator found in the woodland adjacent to the school

Another pretty grim day for the Rudloe litter pick on Sunday 2nd December. The title picture shows Dave Wright braving the A4 traffic close to Copenacre. And talk about braving the traffic, roughly when we were at this spot, a white van came steaming around the bend below Copenacre. We reckon he had his foot to the floor and was doing about 75 mph so when he got close to us, I reminded him of the speed limit by showing 5 fingers on the right hand and making a 'zero' with the thumb and forefinger with the left hand. He responded with a sign of his own. I mention this elsewhere on rudloescene but friends have been 'caught' going a tad over the limit in a 30 mph zone and have had to pay a fine and undergo a speed awareness course but it's such maniacs as we saw today that need, somehow, to be brought to task.

Some of the crew preparing for the off in Boxfields Road
Monsieur et Madame Pearce getting to grips with A4/Leafy Lane verge
Viki searching for litter in Leafy Lane
A pre-pub wash-up whilst waiting for stragglers and their bags
The post-pick party at the Quarryman's - with empty glasses - what is going on! The Titanic porter went down well.
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