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13th July 2018 - the page title may seem to be an Americanism but, having recently read Wolf Hall (after it being on the bookshelf for about five years), one of Henry VIII's (and presumably other monarchs') lackies was (something like) 'aide of the diaper' (aide is not the correct term but I'm not going to search through 650 pages looking for the references); in other words, the bloke that wiped Henry's arse and then 'sorted him out'.


This pile of litter in Bradford Road contained five used (of course) diapers. So the perpetrator is a local (it would have been hard to chuck this lot from a passing car) family/mother/father/whatever with a baby who shops at Aldi (the 'bag for life' is Aldi's).


Having gathered, nicely, this lot together, one carried them to the Rudloe bus stop (see picture) and reported it as a fly tip to Wiltshire Council. But whether this lot is in the hedge or in a landfill it makes little difference to the big picture - 'we' have made and are making an almighty mess of this ancient planet in just a few generations. The rubbish was 'replaced' by road kill, a muntjac (see picture), just a few days later.

The rubbish in Bradford Road, on 13th July 2018, before the 'gathering together'
The rubbish, gathered together, at the Rudloe bus stop on 13th July 2018
Just a week later, a muntjac has become another victim of our car culture at the same spot. The first car away from the temporary traffic lights further down the road was a sporty BMW which reached about 90 mph by the bend below Rudloe.
Walk up/down Bradford Road (or indeed any arterial road) and you will see drivers behaving like maniacs. Here's a Ford Focus overtaking a motorhome in spite of an oncoming vehicle. It will have to stop at traffic lights just seconds later.
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