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22nd July 2018 and Christmas comes early to Boxfields Road

France is a wonderful country; the only trouble is its full of the French; England is a wonderful country; the only trouble is ... This Christmas tree was undoubtedly in some English garden until a few days ago when its owner decided to share the love with the rest of us by chucking it into the verge, on top of the comfrey that graces the eastern end of Boxfields Road. If only he/she had placed it nicely by the side of the road (as I now have done), passers-by could have admired it until its removal by Wiltshire Council. Also by the Boxfields Road 'passing place' (I'll have a moan about these signs on another occasion) is a small, plastic container and a pile of used bog paper (could be mud but I doubt it in this weather).


In a recent TV article on the Salisbury novichok affair, an 'official' of some kind stated that people should not pick up anything that they themselves had not dropped. Could this be the end of litter picking enterprises? I think not ... we shouldn't be further infected through the fears perpetuated by the 24-hour news industry.


The 'fear' of discarded stuff has even crept into the lives of the younger generations. On a recent outing, our granddaughter went to pick up something that looked interesting whereupon our grandson called out "Don't touch that, it might contain Stokavitch". The word Stokavich continues to be used in the family's vocabulary.

The interim resting place for our Christmas tree having been pulled out from the comfrey that it was lying on top of
The interim, final resting place for our Christmas tree. This is the spot where, each month, the Rudloe Wombles place collected litter. Wiltshire Council's (idverde) rubbish collection truck passed on Monday (23/7) morning and didn't pick it up!
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