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The following 'call' was sent to the litter-picking gang for the March litter-pick on 5th March 2023:

"Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the birdies is. Da boid is on the wing but dat's obsoid, the wing is on the boid.
This year's meteorological spring starts tomorrow (1st March) and is (apparently) accompanied by views of the Northern Lights as far south as Wiltshire - there was a photo on last night's weather forecast of the Northern Lights taken at Christian Malford. So, being adventurous souls, in the dead of night, we ventured to Lower Rudloe (tis darker there) to view this phenomenon. And what did we see... the lights of Azimghur Barracks at Colerne with not a scintilla (that sounds a bit starry) of the aurora. I must say though that this is typical as whenever I hear that we are passing through the Leonids or the Perseids (meteor showers), I venture out and find... the lights of Azimghur Barracks. I reckon this is all fake news. Any road up, here's some real news - tis the March Rudloe litter-pick on Sunday (5th March), meet at the usual spot at 10 o'clock - hopefully someone will have news of an aurora sighting."

In the March title picture, we find John P and Lorraine in the Bradford Road about to return to base with this month's haul.

As Dave illustrates the size of the one that got away, Lorraine, Madeleine, Rod, Meg, Bernard and John P prepare for the off. Mike has already departed so with yours truly, there's nine of us.
Still in a wintry Bradford Road landscape on 5th March, John P and Lorraine approach an expectant voyager waiting for the X31 bus to Bath
John and Lorraine patrol each side of the quiet (hopefully there isn't an electric vehicle about to flatten me) Bradford Road
Still quiet as Lorraine scours the verge and John gets back to his own side
A love-in in a still quiet Bradford Road
The Phantom Cabbage Flinger strikes again. These shredded vegetable buffets are always to be found in the Bradford Road beech woodland (opposite the bus stop) but here the perpetrator is widening his/her range. This pile is behind Springfield Close.
Back to reality and this is one of perhaps twenty bags of dog crap recovered today (this one by right of way CORM121). A million years of human evolution has come to this.
An agenda of some kind tossed to the four winds
Now four potatoes (!) tossed to the four winds (on the verge outside the Copenacre development)
Still on the Copenacre verge, one each of McDonald's, Costa Coffee and (a new kid on the block) Taco Bell drinks containers
Stiff breezes have shifted this Viagra blister pack to the Copenacre verge
It's arse wipin' bad
Found on the A4 verge twixt Copenacre and Rudloe Firs. Details on this current driving licence have been obscured (by me) to guard against any possible scam or misrepresentation attempt. The 'hidden' address is in Melksham.
Lost Mary found
The March haul which will be collected by the French contractor (taking back control) on Monday (6th March)

A 'troop' of about a dozen from the Corsham Army Cadets augmented the pickers for the 6th February 2023 pick. Being a tad shy, they preferred that only the regular stalwarts appeared in the group photo! The title picture shows snowdrops nestled in the Bradford Road hedgerow.

Even a few stalwarts are missing from the picture which shows: Gordon, Mike, Lorraine, Derrick, Rod and Dave. Meg, David and Jenny will arrive, stage left, shortly so with yours truly, that's ten (plus the cadets).
Unlittered snowdrops in Leafy Lane
Given up giving up. Just two of twelve nicotine fruit chews consumed before the packet is discarded.
An unopened Costa Coffee BLT sandwich by the Dickens Gate bus stop. Matter not that it's 'made with quality ingredients'!

I would imagine the same individual that regularly deposits piles of veg in the beech woodland on the Bradford Road is responsible for this (see below in gallery) pile of rolls and biscuits. Rationale?

From detritus, we move to the natural world. It's catkin time and the photos in the following gallery show catkins on hazel trees in the Bradford Road hedgerow.

Last year's bramble leaves catch the winter sunlight in the Bradford Road; Corsham Monstrosity Park lies across the road
A happy band of brothers (and a sister) following a satisfying morning's work
And see what they (and the rest) achieved - twenty-two bags of litter to be collected by the French in the morning. A good proportion of this month's agglomeration is thanks to one man - John P.

January 2023 - a new year with the same old problem - still, it gives us Rudloeites something to do on the first Sunday of the month. Just a reminder - we meet at the junction of Leafy Lane and Boxfields Road at 10 o'clock; contact Dave Wright (dave.wright533@tiscali.co.uk) or Paul Turner (wirepuller@hotmail.com). The first pick of the new year was pushed back to 8th January with the first Sunday being New Year's Day. The title photo shows some of the two bags-worth of litter lying in the A4 verge between Copenacre and the brow of Box Hill.

The usual suspects at the first pick of the new year: Rod, Lorraine, John P, Meg (crouching), Derrick, Madeleine, Gordon and Dave. Mike has already departed so with yours truly, that makes a round ten.
Madeleine and Derrick about to set off down Boxfields Road
Request from Allan Payne of Box People and Places for information about any heritage assets at Rudloe (or elsewhere in Box) worthy of 'listing'
The compulsory picture of the By Brook Valley on this fine morning (but see later)
Bags of dog crap by the dry stone wall at Rudloe Firs (ongoing for many years)
Bags of dog crap secreted in the dry stone wall at Rudloe Firs (ongoing for many years)
A bouquet had been placed on the railings surrounding the Malaysian water tower and other infrastructure at Rudloe Firs. A passed employee?
Kentucky Fried Crap cup on the dry stone wall twixt Copenacre and Rudloe Firs
Just when you thought you had collected everything...
And then the weather turned but Leafy Lane is now litter-free
Following the heavy shower, the sun breaks through again
A relatively modest haul which will be collected by Wiltshire Council's French contractor tomorrow (Monday)
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