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I used to think I was a fungi down at the pub but there wasn't too mushroom at the bar. Stir crazy after four months of lockdown, the Rudloe litter picks restarted on Sunday 5th July 2020 and here we find a tunnel fungus (possibly) in the Bradford Road woodland adjacent to the school.

A socially-distanced start to the July 2020 litter pick with, from left, Gordon (chatting with Phil and Denise), Brian, Derrick, Madeleine, John P, John H and Dave with Mike and Howard yet to arrive that makes a round 10 (including me)
There's Mike setting off down Westwells Road
John P in the Bradford Road. The verges are relatively clear of litter as the takeaways (McDonalds) have been closed for months.
Ground elder in the Bradford Road with the monstrosity courtesy of Johaficky Investments behind. This trashing of the Rudloe landscape was sanctioned by Messrs Wastnage and Watt of Bath ASU (Johafiky) - see articles elsewhere.
More ground elder in the Bradford Road verge and a new type of, apparently now common, litter has appeared
Also in the Rudloe woodland close to the school, Cuckoo Pint or Lords and Ladies. The pollen of the flowers throws off a faint light at dusk hence the colloquial names Fairy Lamps or Shiners.
On the Bradford Road verge at Rudloe Estate, this knapweed was specifically identified as brown knapweed (but we don't know why as there's nothing brown about it) by an app called PictureThis on Brian's iPhone
Brian and John P on the verges of the Bradford Road, Rudloe Estate beyond
Watch this space - the 15-acre (foreground) field 'below' Rudloe Estate owned by Great Tew Estates (ragwort in field)
And this field, on the Bradford Road, twixt Rudloe and Pickwick is also owned by Great Tew Estates
Ah yes, back to litter and a rendezvous on the A4 at Copenacre between Dave and Howard who had been coming down the A4 and Brian and yours truly who had 'done the loop' down the Bradford Road, through the 'cut', and up the A4
Back to plants - I just couldn't resist it - a patch of greater celandine across from our Copenacre rendezvous point. There's another big patch of this at the traffic lights in Box, opposite the ongoing wall repairs.
A post-pick wash-up between John H, Madeleine and Derrick at the junction of Leafy Lane and Boxfields Road
The usual dreadful haul but let's not forget that this is the first litter-pick for four months. Wiltshire Council will pick this up tomorrow (Monday).

#Ten black bottles chucked in a bush, ten black bottles chucked in a bush, and if one black bottle ... These (and the pane) were hauled out of the bushes behind the seat on the corner opposite the Rudloe Arms. Found and photographed by Madeleine Wright during the August 2020 Rudloe litter pick.

Socially-distanced gathering of the Rudloe litter-pickers on Sunday 2nd August 2020 with, from the left: John, David, Rod, John, Lorraine, Derrick, Jan, Dave, Mike, Meg (hidden) and Madeleine; yours truly makes a band of twelve
Rod heading off down the Bradford Road towards Thorneypits
John in the Bradford Road heading east towards Rudloe Estate
John passing that grey monstrosity which has blocked the exceptional view across the Clay Vale to the Marlborough Downs and Salisbury Plain
The two Daves (actually one Dave and one David) in the Bradford Road opposite Bellway's greenfield development which was started in October 2018 and is not scheduled to finish until late 2021 - three years of constant beep, beep, beeping
Dave just couldn't resist tackling this fallen maple - he went back home to get his chainsaw
This was, until recently, a 'live' patch (more like a hedgerow) of Clematis vitalba (old man's beard), blackberry, ivy and other plants useful to wildlife. I would imagine that this destruction is GreenSquare's work.

The poisoned hedgerow has reminded me of recent Internet searches trying to identify tiny flowers growing in our lawn. The 'assumption' made by the search engine was that I wanted to kill the plants I was searching for. The hedgerow in the picture above is just the latest example of our destructive nature - not long back, a sycamore at the 'bottom end' of Rudloe Estate (just a hundred yards along the road here) was felled and the stump poisoned to prevent coppicing (see article elsewhere).

The notice says that the new Rudloe mosaic panel was designed and produced by children from Broadwood School led by Box artist Emma Leith
Bradford Road field, owned by Great Tew Estates, next in line for a development proposal

The text below the sign further says that it was funded by Box Parish Council, Wiltshire Council and the GreenSquare Group and the design, manufacture and installation was by members of the Brunel Shed. A fine sign it is and congratulations to all those involved in its creation but ... (did you sense this coming?) why give Rudloe Estate such an ornate 'village' sign when renowned villages such as Lacock and Castle Combe do not have them? Rudloe Estate was the original (prefab) estate at Rudloe but wasn't the first 'bricks and mortar' estate - this claim to fame goes to the RAF estates off Leafy Lane. And Rudloe Estate is not Rudloe; Rudloe now takes in the other Leafy Lane estates: Springfield Close/Clift Close, Kidston Way/Highlands Close and Ashwood Road/Pine Close.

Communities (or villages) are not created by installing posh signs. Look behind the sign and you will see Rudloe Community Centre completed in 2002 at a cost not far short of £1 million and which that same GreenSquare organisation that part-funded the sign proposes to demolish. How's that for a deal? We will raze your £1 million community centre to the ground and give you a fancy sign that makes you look like a village. Also, the 'green' in front of the Community Centre is, effectively, a village green. It has been here for generations, since the days of the prefab estate, and was designated as Public Open Space in the North Wilts Open Space Study. One-hundred-and-four local people supported the application for Village Green status for the green in 2019. Now the GreenSquare organisation is threatening to build on the 'traditional' green whilst offering the sop of a replacement elsewhere. Another deal! We will build on your traditional green and give you a fancy sign that makes you look like a village.

And the sign was designed and produced by children from Broadwood School ... wait a minute, this school is in what now seems to be Rudloe Village (formerly Rudloe Estate) at Rudloe so why isn't it called Rudloe School or Corsham School, Rudloe Site? Would anyone out there care to speculate as to why this is?

Litter? We collected some in the village.

Man at work in the Bradford Road. John, heading back from the outer limits.
Relatively new litter - Rizla Flavour Infusions (wrapper). 'Menthol Chill provides a stronger, more intense flavour' while 'Fresh Mint is slightly smoother and mellower'. This was just one of a number found.
Not easily spotted by passing traffic, but we know, whoever you are
Another Bradford Road field owned by Great Tew Estates for which we will, no doubt, see a development proposal
Mixed shrubs missus? Dave, on a pick-up round, outside Pat Hayes's market garden in the Bradford Road.
Fine ash on the A4 opposite Copenacre. Given our propensity for destruction, this may become a marked archive shot.
'Important view' designated by the North Wiltshire Landscape Character Assessment blighted by the Redcliffe development. However, if and when development in the closer field is proposed (and approved), the blight will be complete.
Post-pick wash-up on the hoof in Leafy Lane with Madeleine and John
This month's haul - thirteen sacks which will be picked up by Wiltshire Council tomorrow

6th September 2020 finds David and John P venturing forth in the Bradford Road on the Rudloe litter-pick. The yellow lines were finally painted here in the winter of 2014/15 following the installation of a new school gate in September 2010. One of the many emails sent on this subject read as follows: "Once again, I'm afraid, I have to pen my incredulity that the authorities, including the executive head of the school, the governors, Wilts CC (Health and Safety, Road Safety, Development Management, Area Board and so on), the Parish Council and the police and, indeed, the parents involved have instigated, presided over, acquiesced to or simply become users of this delinquent scheme." The full story of the gate (including a 70-page email chain over the course of three years or so) may be found here: school gate saga.

The gathering, ready for the off, includes (from the left): Derrick, Madeleine, John P, Rod, David, Lorraine, John H, Brian, Jan, Rob and Dave. Mike is yet to arrive and with yours truly, that makes a baker's dozen.
Jan, Lorraine and John H at work in Boxfields Road while Dave chats to a couple of passing cyclists
Spot the pickers in Bradford Road - John P and David seen through the field maples on the raised verge behind Springfield Close
Worra lorra dock on the bank twixt the monstrosity which is the supposed, new science park and The Barn
Cyclamen in the Bradford Road verge outside Rudloe School
From the sublime to the ridiculous. A supermarket bag in the Bradford Road verge (field side) was incredibly heavy, inviting investigation. In the bag was this manufacturer's bag containing this (really heavy and squidgy) 'blow-up toy'.
From the ridiculous to the sublime ... old man's beard in the Skynet Drive verge with miscanthus behind
The Skynet Drive field margin is usually home to many bottles and cans (Special Brew and White Star cider) but today there were only two Corona bottles and one plastic cider bottle. The Covid effect? Or maybe the litter-picking effect?
Talking of cider, here's a wasted resource in Park Lane (below Fiveways Trading Estate). So much wild food must go to waste every year. Perhaps some enterprising soul could gather, store and distribute?
Rob and John H head home for that welcome cup of coffee
Black Bags Matter - thirteen intrepid souls have gathered thirteen bags which will be collected tomorrow by Wiltshire Council
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