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On the 5th May 2024 litter-pick, in the title picture (above) we see Ian on the A4 by Rudloe Firs with garlic mustard in the foreground. Other title pictures are from the April litter-pick. May's report follows.

The troops gather for the 5th May 2024 litter-pick; from the left we have: John, Rod, Jason, Madeleine, Meg, Dave, Rob and Derrick. Ian is yet to arrive so with yours truly that makes ten.
Horse chestnut in the Bradford Road; Ian is there somewhere on the footpath
We can certainly see Ian here with the beeches of the BradforRoad woodland beyond
Elephant grass harvested and planning application PL/2023/04816 withdrawn, this last green space south of the Bradford Road at Rudloe awaits the next speculative development proposal
Meg and John picking on the north side of the Bradford Road with Ian lurking in the shadows on the south side
Ian heading east along the line of the Bradford Road hedgerow and adjacent to the 'worthless' ditch which never sees a drop of water
Ian must be getting concerned that he might have a stalker
Speedwell in the A4 verge opposite Rudloe Firs with, beyond, the woodland in the half-acre garden of 16 Prestley Wood Road which has been put up for auction (21st May) by the Green Square organisation (in line with its social housing policy!)
Madeleine and Derrick chat with Carl (and Baz) in Leafy Lane en route to the start point to deposit their pickings
Eleven bags from this month's pick which will be collected by Wiltshire Council's French contractor on Tuesday (Monday being a bank holiday)

Spring is sprung in the Bradford Road for the 7th April 2024 litter-pick (see two title pictures)

Low turnout this month but the stalwarts carry on: pictured we have: Lorraine, Gordon, Meg, Madeleine, Derrick and Dave - Mike has already departed so with your truly that makes eight
More evidence of spring springing - spring onions on the A4 footpath above Copenacre

Even more evidence of spring springing in the gallery below. This is the spring cutting of Miscanthus in the only remaining 'green' field south of the Bradford Road between Corsham/Pickwick and Rudloe. If (god forbid) planning application PL/2023/04816 is approved, this field will also be lost - the 21st November 2023 article here: 21st November 2023 article discusses this planning application.

And this is one of the two remaining green fields to the north of the Bradford Road between Corsham/Pickwick and Rudloe. This is the site of the previously proposed slope shaft for Hartham Quarry (now proposed at Rudloe Firs).

And yet more images of spring with: alkanet, bluebells and garlic mustard in the Bradford Road and three-cornered garlic, celandine and hyacinth at the brow of Box Hill

A fairly modest haul of seven bags which will be collected by Wiltshire Council's French contractor tomorrow (Monday)
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