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Here you will find news, articles and photos of an area that straddles the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in north-west Wiltshire.


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Jo Stafford - see/hear the first pictures/song in the list (pictures are of America's Arcadia)

This is the first song (not by Nana of course but a lone female voice) I recall hearing. Twas a Sunday morning and  as I crawled into the parental bed, the Skye Boat Song was playing on the old valve radio. I was about 46 at the time.

Lonnie Donegan's version of Over the Rainbow is, in my humble opinion, by far the best. This is followed by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version which, incredibly, has had over half-a-billion views on YouTube.

Now back to Nana Moussaka ...

Memories of 'farewell' concerts at La Foret, Brussels & the Barbican & the Albert Hall!

Memories of Sunday, September 22nd 1974; a late lunch and a beautiful, sunny afternoon

Parce mihi domine - Jan Gabarek and the Hilliard Ensemble (tribute)

Netrebko has refused to condemn Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Perhaps she, like her countrymen, is frightened (of the consequences for herself and her family if she does so).

Romanza for guitar and orchestra by Salvador Bacarisse

Tammy by Debbie Reynolds ... hmmm, looks like the section of Terence Davies's film 'The Long Day Closes' that included Tammy has been blocked so let's put another 'version' below

Matt Monro with Born Free

Probably a better national anthem than the current dirge

A Lee Hazelwood band - I had the 45 but tis now lost

Memories of a journey with six colleagues from Mons to Buxton for the funeral of Sue Bennett. In the depths of winter, the cortege wound its way from Buxton, across High Peak, to Macclesfield and then later back to the Buckingham Hotel in Buxton for the 'wake'. 

The original song here (below) 'This Love Will Carry' by Dougie Maclean has been disabled so let's try something by Faeland instead

Aha - I've found another version of the Dougie Maclean song ...

Great Eric Clapton song

Memories of Bristol Rovers v Wolves on Boxing Day 1988 ...

The Time Is Now by Moloko featuring Roisin Murphy at Brixton Academy in 2003

Roisin Murphy again with Tony Christie

Peter Green - saw him at Komedia a while back

Immortality - written by the Bee Gees

Bailero sung in Occidental

Memories of Christmas 1989

Memories of the Palace Cinema, Devizes on a beautiful summer day in 1979

Golden 1.6k

One of the best things to come out of Bristol

Clifford T Ward used to be one of Terry's favourites

Memories of crossing the Channel with Sally Line between Ramsgate and Dunkerque in the late 80s and early 90s

Memories of 100mph, Friday night, outside-lane drives down the M4

Interesting video but you have to wait until minute 15 for the tune ...

Tracy & Luciano

Blue Velvet was probably his best-known song

Walk Don't Run was another good Ventures instrumental

Aaaaah ... Shirley Owens

It may be old-fashioned but I love the brass

Love the smiles, the big breaths, the yapping dog and the wind

Roy's best song in my humble opinion

Dreamin - I bought the original 45 in Leonards on The Bridge, Chippenham

Learn Spanish whilst listening to the Beatles ... maybe not, that one's been removed - let's try another ...

John and Yoko in Central Park

Surrender, in my humble opinion, the best Elvis song never makes his 'best' charts. Mind you, neither do other early-sixties hits, 'His Latest Flame' and 'The Girl of My Best Friend' for example.

Often mistaken for Shirley Bassey, Vikki Carr is Mexican

Great tenor sax from Sidney Bechet

French version of Dionne Warwick's hit

Recorded in the year of my birth ...

Entre tes reins ... between your kidneys

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