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Fly tip in White Ennox Lane - May 2013

To find out what has been happening on the litter front in Rudloe and environs since the 70s, go to the Rudloe Mob CPRE Litteraction webpage here: The Rudloe Mob

3rd December 2017 and ten intrepid souls set out on the litter pick around the highways and byways of Rudloe. No full catheter bags or legs of pork this week - just run of the mill litter, except ... the armchair with radiator at the junction of Bradford Road and Skynet Drive - see photo below.

Armchair and radiator at the junction of Bradford Road and Skynet Drive on 3rd December 2017
Harry Worth (aka Derek) and Chris with part of the Bradford Road collection
"Over ere son, on me 'ed" - Derek and Chris at Rubbish Central at the junction of Leafy Lane and Boxfields Road
The complete collection

Thanks to Dave Wright for organising, coordinating, transporting and for the Beer fish (work that one out).

16th November 2017 - the next litter collection will be on Sunday 3rd December 2017 meeting at, the usual spot, the junction of Leafy Lane and Boxfields Road at 10 o'clock. Costa's detritus certainly doesn't "cause happiness" to those of us who have to pick up the ejections from passing cars - this one in Bradford Road..

And, as usual, the litter pick is being organised and coordinated by Dave Wright. You can contact Dave at dave.wright533@tiscali.co.uk.

17th September 2017 - next litter collection on Sunday week, 1st October 2017, meeting at the usual spot, the junction of Leafy Lane and Boxfields Road, at 10 o'clock. Be the first to pick up the type of garbage shown below:

This 'fast food' packaging, found on the Bradford Road verge at Rudloe, is garbage in more than one sense. Beware of slogans ... "Taste the Magic" typifies the distortions prevalent in the food industry. This chicken was undoubtedly 'raised' in atrocious conditions in a factory farm and pumped full of growth hormone and antibiotics followed by water to plump it up. More abomination than magic.

13th August 2017 - nine intrepid souls took part in the Rudloe environs litter pick which encompassed Leafy Lane, Rudloe Firs, Boxfields Road, White Ennox lane, Bradford Road, Skynet Drive and Park Lane. Organisation was by Dave Wright with support from Wiltshire Council communities department.

The Boxfields Road team meet up with the Bradford Road team in White Ennox Lane

You do find some weird stuff on these litter picks. One such strange find was a 'fresh' leg of pork in the Bradford Road some time ago. From time to time one finds 'soiled' Pampers which have clearly been chucked out of a car. The CPRE Rudloe Mob webpage (here The Rudloe Mob) recounts other strange litter-picking tales. Today's gruesome find saw two bags of rubbish (food packaging, drinks cartons etc) tied up with a bag of urine from a catheter or other bodily 'drain' - see the grisly 'before' and 'after pictures below.

Gruesome find in the Bradford Road
The gruesome find after decoupling

Now back to more cheery matters ... it was a lovely day! Further views of the litter pickers at work and at rest are to be found in the pictures below. The first picture shows Dave Wright in a quiet Bradford Road. Later two boy racers came down at some speed (probably about 75 mph) when the following car decided to overtake reaching an estimated 90 mph. A friend of mine was fined and had points put on his licence for doing 34 mph in a 30 mph limit!

Dave Wright in the Bradford Road
100 miles to Hyde Park Corner - the boy racer would have done that in just over an hour
The loneliness of the long-distance litter picker - Tony Simpson in White Ennox Lane
Some of the team in White Ennox Lane
Post-pick debrief in Boxfields Road

8th August 2017 - litter collection this coming Sunday, 13th August. Meet at 10 o'clock at the junction of Leafy Lane and Boxfields Road (pictured below for those in any doubt).

As with the earlier collections, this is being organised by Dave Wright (davewright533@tiscali.co.uk). And as before, litter pickers, gloves and litter bags will be provided. Let's hope we have some equally interesting encounters as occurred in March ... yours truly and Howard were about to embark on a mountain of polystyrene that had been shed on the A4 between Beech Road and Leafy Lane when a lady, out running with her dog, came across to us and the following conversation ensued ...


Lady: "Are you going to pick up all this polystyrene?"

Me: "Yes"

Lady: "I'd like to thank you"

Howard (who was some distance away) to me: "What did that lady say?"

Me: "I'd like to thank you"

Howard: "Oh, I thought she said 'I'd like to spank you'"

2nd March 2017 - Rudloe litter collection as part of the Great British Spring Clean event


Dave Wright (davewright533@tiscali.co.uk) is organising the Rudloe (including Box Hill, the A4, Bradford Road, Leafy Lane and environs) effort for this national event.


Meet at Rudloe Fiveways (the junction of Bradford Road, Westwells Road and Leafy Lane) on Saturday 4th March 2017 at 10 o'clock.


Litter-pickers, gloves and litter bags will be provided. All that is required is enthusiasm and energy.


As the litter pick will include the verges of fast roads with no footpaths (sections of the A4 and Bradford Road) great care must be taken.


Ironically or perhaps understandably, the event is sponsored by some of the globalised companies most responsible for the litter (McDonald's, Coca-Cola etc).


4th March 2017 - about fifteen intrepid souls sallied forth around the streets of Rudloe and managed to collect a not insignificant amount of litter (see photo). Dave Wright masterminded an operation which included collection of bags from various locations and assembly in Boxfields Road to await collection by Wiltshire Council.


In view of the 'success' of this operation, Dave has suggested another venture on 25th March with the same meeting location and time (Rudloe Fiveways, 1000 hours) concentrating on Rudloe Firs, Skynet Drive and Park Lane before retiring to the Quarrymans for lunch.


Alternatively, we could go straight to the Quarrymans for breakfast and forget the litter pick (ho ho).

22nd January 2017 - New Year litter pick in Bradford Road


I suppose I had better start putting litter articles in the right place (you may find quite a few in the 'News' or 'Localities' sections).


As indicated in the introductory paragraph (commencing 'To find out ...') above, all matters 'litter' in the Rudloe environs may be found at the CPRE LitterAction 'Rudloe Mob' webpage here: The Rudloe Mob


Whilst the LitterAction webpage has been somewhat neglected lately, the 'total number of bags' is just about kept up-to-date. Today's bags have been added to the total.


The photo shows three supermarket-type bags at the Rudloe bus stop, two bags having already been stuffed into the litter bin. Then the adventure started ... a further twelve bags-worth were picked up along the Bradford Road - these were left in situ hoping that the Council will pick them up (I sent them an email).


As usual, there were 'interesting' finds. In the brambles on the verge behind Springfield Close were about thirty wine bottles and eight vodka bottles. These had clearly been chucked over the railings, over quite some period of time, by someone walking along the path (this has been going on for years by the way but at least this is preferable to the scores of bags of dog crap that used to be found here - perhaps the dog owner has become a drinker).


Funny old game, litter picking. One would have thought that, over the years, someone (at least) would have stopped and said "well done old boy etc etc" but this never happens (not that litter picking is done with this in mind). Most people avert their gaze and/or avoid eye contact. You can almost hear their inner thoughts ... "bloody hell, this guy is picking up litter, he must be a weirdo".


More of today's photos may be found in the following gallery.

Fly tip (see title image) in White Ennox Lane in May 2013. The tip, as you may see, contains a considerable amount of evidence with regard to who may heve been responsible. However, much hot air is given out with regard to prosecuting fly-tippers and as with just about every other case in the country, nothing came of it. 

Litter, in the form of dumped cars, in and around Pockeridge Drive at the turn of the century

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