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6th March 2022 and Howard tackles Bradford Road litter during the monthly Rudloe litter pick

The usual suspects gather for the March litter pick. From the left, we have Rod, Howard, Meg, Madeleine, Derrick, John P, Lorraine and Dave. Mike has already departed and John H yet to arrive so eleven in total including yours truly
John P negotiates the daffodils in the Bradford Road
Daffodils in the Bradford Road verge with the Dickens Gate estate beyond
John and Lorraine seen under a bough of a Bradford Road horse chestnut
The pick takes us along the Park Place side of the Bradford Road hedgerow. Looking south, we see an area to be landscaped (apparently).
The remaining Bradford Road elephant grass. This will be the last crop (to be harvested soon) as the farmer's tenancy has been terminated. Beyond the pylon and associated wires, about 12 acres (100+ homes) are available for development.
A new litter item in the Bradford Road verge. There were about half-a-dozen of these scattered about.
Doing the conga in the Bradford Road,: Lorraine, John P and a jogger
More daffodils in a quiet Bradford Road
Continuing the daffodil theme, this is the other side of the Bradford Road
Normal service resumed - McDonalds detritus between violets
More McDonalds litter on the A4 verge
Daffodils and a Copenacre air shaft below Halfway Firs
Modern litter - a Covid antigen self-test kit on the A4 verge
Back to the default litter
This poor deer has been lying on the A4 verge at the brow of Box Hill (Corsham side) for a week or so
Here is the brow of Box Hill, with daffs
Here is the rubbish collected along the A4 twixt the Corsham side of Copenacre and here at the brow of Box Hill. The message on this sandwich board is hardly legible and, to me, constitutes more rubbish disfiguring the countryside.
A patch of three-cornered garlic (apparently, yet another invasive species) emerging at the brow of Box Hill
Daffs outside Rudloe Arms
Time is flying. Incredibly, I've missed the snowdrops in Leafy Lane, but caught the primroses.
A patch of daffs in Leafy Lane; there are many more at the southern end
This month's haul which will be collected by contractor idverde (French of course) on Monday morning
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