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The usual suspects gathered for the monthly Rudloe litter-pick on Sunday, 3rd April 2022 and were delighted to find that Spring is Sprung. The title pictures, all taken at the brow of Box Hill show: celandines lining the path adjacent to Rudloe Firs (with 'Rudloe Cottage' in the distance) and in turn, celandines, three-cornered garlic and cuckoo flower (two of) in the wide verge twixt the A4 and the Ashwood Road estate.

The great and the good gather at the junction of Leafy Lane and Boxfields Road. From the left, we have John H, Derrick, Rod, John P, Madeleine and Meg. Hidden behind the Land Rover are Dave and Lorraine. Mike has already departed. Then there's me.
There's Mike ... heading off down Westwells Road
Emerging horse chestnut leaves in the Bradford Road verge, John P and the view-blocking, Corsham Science Park abomination beyond
John P admiring the daffs in the Bradford Road verge
John P - Action Man
The remaining Miscanthus has been partially harvested. This could be the last harvest before development.
Emerging hawthorn leaves on the south side of the Bradford Road hedgerow
John P and Lorraine in the Bradford Road
Bike frame in the Bradford Road hedgerow
New maple leaves in the Bradford Road hedgerow
The Redcliffe Park Place estate framed by Halfway Firs firs
Rudloe Estate from the A4. Subsidies must have returned for oilseed rape as there's a lot of it about; Stafford's field here.
Danish scurvy grass - a coastal plant that has made it inland due to salting and gritting of the roads. This is in the A4 verge, above Copenacre.
Back to our raison d'etre - just two examples of McDonald's and Costa litter in the A4 verge twixt Copenacre and Rudloe Firs
Many trees unconnected with the slope shaft planning application have been felled at Rudloe Firs. These are, or were, adjacent to the YTL water infrastructure - YTL is, of course, a Malaysian company (taking back control).
One of three patches of three-cornered garlic, not yet in flower, at Rudloe Firs
This new bench at the brow of Box Hill is dedicated to Ian Smith. This is this month's mystery - who was Ian Smith? In my 47 years at Rudloe, I have not come across this gentleman; HM's reign here is somewhat longer and she's never heard of him.
This month's haul - 11 bags which will be collected by French-owned (taking back control) company idverde tomorrow
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