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A miracle! The sun came out for the Rudloe monthly litter pick on Sunday, 5th September 2021. Following a thoroughly miserable August (we have had the heating on for the first time on some days in June, July and August), we now have a 'window' of sunny weather until Wednesday. The title picture shows the usual McDonald's detritus on the A4 pavement between Copenacre and Rudloe Firs.

A good turn out, from the left: Meg, Howard, John P, Rob, Rod, Derrick, Lorraine, John H, Madeleine and Gordon with Mike out of picture at right. Dave is yet to arrive with the equipment and there's the photographer so that makes thirteen.
Rod and Meg taking sides in the Bradford Road. Signs indicate the national speed limit (60 mph) but the straighter sections of the B3109 here are used as a racetrack - we have seen drivers doing up to 90 mph along these stretches.
John P and Rob taking sides in the Bradford Road twixt Rudloe Fiveways and Rudloe Estate
Cheese and elderberries in the Bradford Road
Conference at the entrance to 'The Barn' (where the Paynes of Park Farm , Colerne tried to obtain planning permission for four further houses)
Purple tansy (Phacelia tanacetifolia) in the Bradford Road verge; never before seen here; each month brings verge surprises
Litter-picking is like shopping at Sainsbury's - you meet people you haven't seen for years. Here, Rob is chatting with Stefan Barbaruk whose family fled Ukraine after WWII and settled in Corsham, initially at the Westwells hostel site.
Bradford Road field (future gold mine) with the Copenacre development beyond; old man's beard in the foreground
The human race is a disgrace. A million or so years of evolution have come to this. How could anyone believe that this is acceptable behaviour?
Scores of wasps on the ivy flowers by the A4 below Copenacre; Stafford's Pickwick Lodge Farm beyond
The firs of Halfway Firs, opposite Copenacre
Ground elder (and willow) at the brow of Box Hill (behind Ashwood Road houses)
The horse chestnut (mainly) avenue at the brow of Box Hill
A relatively modest haul for thirteen 'pickers'. French contractor (Take Back Control) idverde will pick this up on Monday.
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