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Following a downpour on Saturday which lasted all day, Sunday 3rd October 2021 brought a fine day for the October Rudloe litter-pick. The title photo shows the results of our labours - the bags will be picked up by French contractor (taking back control) idverde tomorrow. Chatting with neighbour Chris on the return leg, we got to discussing the big picture. While our monthly litter-pick is beneficial for the appearance of the surroundings of Rudloe with the added benefits of physical exercise and putting the world to rights, if these bags simply end up in the proverbial 'hole in the ground' then our efforts (big picture-wise) are to no avail. As the collected litter is probably around 80% recyclable (cans, plastic, glass) then I will ask Wiltshire Council whether they currently sort and recycle the contents or if they will do so in the future.

The troops preparing for 'the off': from the left, we have John's tribe, Lorraine, John, Madeleine, John P, Howard, Derrick and Rob. Meg and Rod have already departed down the Bradford Road so with yours truly that makes a dozen.
Madeleine and Derrick setting off down Leafy Lane - note the 60mph, national speed limit sign for the 'single track road' (Boxfields Road)
Rob, having cleared Park Lane (actually it was remarkably clear of litter), sets off up Skynet Drive
Putting the world to rights in Skynet Drive. Picture taken from the Miscanthus field which will shortly become the subject of a greenfield development proposal for approximately 110 homes.
Dickens Gate will soon have a neighbouring development in the Miscanthus field thereby linking Corsham to Rudloe, Westwells and Neston. A state of affairs completely contrary to all (former) local plans.
The enormous Dickens Gate attenuation pond. Interesting that GreenSquare's supposed regeneration plans for Rudloe Estate do not include a sustainable drainage system (SUDS) which Government guidance recommends.
A litter-free (it will be) Bradford Road on this quiet Sunday morning. The nettles here could be used for soup or tea (or wine!) - they are highly nutritious, being full of iron, calcium, magnesium and nitrogen.
Looks like litter from a distance but this is Cyclamen in the Bradford Road verge adjacent to the Pickwick Mine site
Here is the Copenacre attenuation (SUDS) pond at the south-eastern corner of the estate, adjacent to the A4
Approaching Rudloe Firs on the A4, Rob has his skates on, perhaps anxious to get back for a 'cuppa' as we've just been caught in a shower
A baby squirrel has ventured forth from Rudloe Firs onto the A4 footpath
This month's haul which will be collected by Wiltshire Council's French contractor tomorrow (Monday, 4th October)
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