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Sunday 2nd May 2021 of this bank holiday weekend brought a fine morning for the scheduled Rudloe litter-pick. But some people are never satisfied: Rob was complaining of feeling rather tyred and Brian felt a little board.

The troops gather for the litter pick; pictured we have: Rob, Brian, John P, Madeleine, Rod, Lorraine, Gordon, John H and Derrick. Missing from the pic are Meg and Mike (standing behind me), Dave and the supplies plus yours truly so 13 in all.
Brian scouring the Bradford Road verge; I'm doing t'other side; Rob is patrolling at high level, along the footpath from where we used to enjoy a fine view of the Clay Vale, Marlborough Downs and Salisbury Plain but no longer thanks to ...

... the unnecessary greenfield development of Dickens Gate and the (empty) monstrous Corsham Science Park 

Brian and Councillor Davies (aka Rob) patrol the now exposed stretch of the Bradford Road where previously we would have been enjoying the shade of a tree canopy unique along the length of this arterial road
Should we concentrate on the positive - the emerging leaves of the beeches? Rather than the bare earth where a fine, mature hedgerow once stood.
Councillor Davies (Rob to you and me) approaching the vibrant leaves of garlic mustard which he could (had he not been equipped for litter-picking) pick and use in a salad for today's lunch
One of a number of odd piles of earth/stones in Skynet Drive; Redcliffe's Park Place greenfield development beyond
Apple blossom at the junction of Bradford Road and Skynet Drive
Mainly hawthorn in the Bradford Road hedgerow here; Dickens Gate greenfield development beyond
One of about a dozen bags of dog crap found in the Bradford Road hedgerow; but how many more lie undiscovered?

I made the mistake of saying to someone the other day: "We don't find that many dog crap bags these days". While this is 'small potatoes' (actually these craps are tiny, like small, new potatoes) compared with the hundreds we used to find (see https://www.litteraction.org.uk/the-rudloe-mob), it is incredible that a million years of human evolution have led to this.

Another bag of dog crap adjacent to the Redcliffe, Park Place pathway
Brian and Rob on the Bradford Road verge below Rudloe Estate
Frames lying on the Bradford Road bank. Too big to carry so left in situ for Wiltshire Council to pick up.
Beyond the beech; Rob at the entrance to Rudloe Estate
Litter picking continues while across the road we find an enormous dock and rock
End-of-pick wash-up along with this month's haul
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