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STOP littering our streets ... John found this sign in the beech woodland on the Bradford Road during our 4th July 2021 litter pick. There was quite a good turnout in spite of the weather - see photo below of the 10 o'clock, pre-pick gathering at the junction of Leafy Lane and Boxfields Road.

The pre-pick gathering saw some newcomers to the pick including John and tribe (partner Ellie is out of picture). Also present: John P, Rod, Lorraine, Madeleine, Meg, Rob, Ken (new), Derrick, Dave, Mike (out of pic) and yours truly.
John P probes the Bradford Road verge which, at this point, remains uncut allowing wild plants to blossom
A landscape version of the title photo
Yarrow in the Bradford Road verge close to Rudloe Estate entrance
John looking for £10 notes in the Bradford Road verge
This bike has been lying in the Bradford Road verge for months. It looks to be a pretty good one - the only issue is that it has lost its rear tyre.

Mandatory McDonalds McCrap McPackaging is, as the reader will be aware, the most common litter item. Below we see a few items discarded in the Bradford Road verge. The most recent McDonalds TV ad switches from scene to scene to scene with people laughing, just laughing. But laughing at what? I guess the fact that they discard their detritus at will and rely on mugs like us to pick it up. It seems they are so indifferent to their actions that they even leave their receipts with name and address showing. Here, a Mr/Mrs/Ms Pearce of Eider Avenue, Lyneham has ordered a McCrappy through Just Eat, perhaps scoffed it on the way to work (here at Rudloe?) and chucked the remnants from the car window.

John patrolling Skynet Drive passing substantial patches of hedge bedstraw; this plant has a very odd colloquial name - false baby's breath
Single-leaved ash in the grounds of ex-RAF Rudloe No 2 Site in Westwells Road.
A rather modest haul today (perhaps there's more to come). This will be collected by idverde (French of course) tomorrow.
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