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The post Christmas/New Year litter pick took place on Sunday, 3rd January 2021. Here we see a suspicious character self-isolating in the Toghill Crescent bus stop on the Bradford Road.

In the socially-distanced meet-up for the first litter pick of 2021, we see Madeleine, Rod, John, Lorraine, Derrick, Gordon and Dave (in the boot of his Range Rover). Meg has already set off and Brian has yet to arrive. With me, that makes ten of us.
Meg sets off down Boxfields Road ...
... while Derrick, Madeleine and Lorraine head for Westwells Road, Park Lane and Skynet Drive
Brian in the Bradford Road verge opposite the grey, steel-clad monstrosity of 'Corsham Science Park'
Derrick making his way along Skynet Drive; to the right, the Dickens Gate (beep beep) development enters its fourth calendar year
Lions' teeth (dents de lion) find a home at the Toghill Crescent bus stop on the Bradford Road
Brian at the Toghill Crescent bus stop in the 'shade' of Rudloe Estate's beech
Another odd find; the fishing rods encountered on last month's pick still lie at the foot of the wall here
One of many McDonalds drinks containers (and other McDonalds detritus) encountered on this month's pick
Here's another one (both these in the Bradford Road); Brian posing opposite
Some of the extensive amount of builders/fitters detritus lying in the 'green' space of Redcliffe's Park Place development; the big block and other white strips are all polystyrene. the ditch is gradually filling with litter
The Redcliffe, Park Place swamp
Looking south across the swamp to what remains of Tim Barton's elephant grass crop
A close-up of the photogenic elephant grass (Miscanthus)
The boots belong to Kevin, out for a Sunday morning stroll with a neighbour's hound
Ivy-leaved cyclamen in the Bradford Road verge
Cars were parked in this passing place and also in the other, further down Boxfields Road, with occupants using Leafy Lane Playing Fields. The thousands spent on 'Passing Place' signs and their installation was just money down the drain.
And talking of drains, here's a water garden (a fern and possibly a camellia) inside a Springfield Close drain
The 'boot' of Dave's Range Rover with bags to be added to the pile (see below)
The result of our exertions today (with Dave's bags still to be added) will be collected by Wiltshire Council tomorrow
And a Happy New Year to Oscar who passed his (bus) test in September
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