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6th September 2020 finds David and John P venturing forth in the Bradford Road on the Rudloe litter-pick. The yellow lines were finally painted here in the winter of 2014/15 following the installation of a new school gate in September 2010. One of the many emails sent on this subject read as follows: "Once again, I'm afraid, I have to pen my incredulity that the authorities, including the executive head of the school, the governors, Wilts CC (Health and Safety, Road Safety, Development Management, Area Board and so on), the Parish Council and the police and, indeed, the parents involved have instigated, presided over, acquiesced to or simply become users of this delinquent scheme." The full story of the gate (including a 70-page email chain over the course of three years or so) may be found here: school gate saga.

The gathering, ready for the off, includes (from the left): Derrick, Madeleine, John P, Rod, David, Lorraine, John H, Brian, Jan, Rob and Dave. Mike is yet to arrive and with yours truly, that makes a baker's dozen.
Jan, Lorraine and John H at work in Boxfields Road while Dave chats to a couple of passing cyclists
Spot the pickers in Bradford Road - John P and David seen through the field maples on the raised verge behind Springfield Close
Worra lorra dock on the bank twixt the monstrosity which is the supposed, new science park and The Barn
Cyclamen in the Bradford Road verge outside Rudloe School
From the sublime to the ridiculous. A supermarket bag in the Bradford Road verge (field side) was incredibly heavy, inviting investigation. In the bag was this manufacturer's bag containing this (really heavy and squidgy) 'blow-up toy'.
From the ridiculous to the sublime ... old man's beard in the Skynet Drive verge with miscanthus behind
The Skynet Drive field margin is usually home to many bottles and cans (Special Brew and White Star cider) but today there were only two Corona bottles and one plastic cider bottle. The Covid effect? Or maybe the litter-picking effect?
Talking of cider, here's a wasted resource in Park Lane (below Fiveways Trading Estate). So much wild food must go to waste every year. Perhaps some enterprising soul could gather, store and distribute?
Rob and John H head home for that welcome cup of coffee
Black Bags Matter - thirteen intrepid souls have gathered thirteen bags which will be collected tomorrow by Wiltshire Council
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