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We thought that the November litter pick, like October's, would have to be postponed as Saturday (Halloween) brought a downpour in the morning and more rain in the evening. Further rain was forecast for Sunday (1st November) but we, luckily, decided to 'play it by ear' and were rewarded with a fine (no rain) morning. The title pictures show, in the first, miscanthus and the Bradford Road hedge and, in the second, a maple in Park Lane.

Sorting out the kit, we have Brian, Derrick, Gordon and Dave (with his trusty Range Rover which disgorges kit and eats full bags); Madeleine strokes a local hound while Rich and Mike are out-of-picture. Yours truly makes eight.
Mikes sets off down Westwells Road, skipping the mulberry bush (at left) and old man's beard (at right)
A patch of euphorbia in the Bradford Road verge behind Springfield Close (see last month's photos for more Bradford Road flora)
Brian in the Bradford Road verge approaching Bellway's Dickens Gate development where there are surreptitious 'goings on' in the evenings
Brian in the Bradford Road approaching (and passing) Rudloe Estate
Maple in the mainly beech woodland annexed by the school (through the auspices of GreenSquare) some years ago
More maple leaves on one of the few remaining trees bordering the Bradford Road verge to the west of Rudloe Estate
The fruits, cans and packets of the field ... beneath this bountiful apple tree in the Bradford Road verge, Rich discovered unopened cans of Peroni and Strongbow and a large, unopened bag of crisps. We have given up wondering.
Rich collecting at the Toghill Crescent bus stop; Bradford Road beech woodland beyond
Brian in the Bradford Road verge 'below' Rudloe Estate
Brian and Rich in well-spaced Indian file in the Bradford Road verge
An autumnal scene with 'clean' Bradford Road verges as we approach the parish of Box
And the field edges are cleared too; miscanthus at left, Bradford Road hedgerow at right, beech woodland beyond
Storm clouds but sun-kissed miscanthus adjacent to Skynet Drive
Storm clouds over Salisbury Plain but the sun still shines on the miscanthus; the usual large, plastic bottles of Scrumpy Jack down here
... and in the Skynet Drive verge, we find oak (the 'turning' foreground and middleground leaves), elm (the green leaves at right), old man's beard and a fairly substantial ash tree
At the southern end of Skynet Drive, we find the edge of the miscanthus with bramble and old man's beard in the hedge and field maple beyond
Brian and Rich clearing Skynet Drive while yours truly concentrated on the field margin
Brian has encountered a right old pile of stuff in Park Lane
Brian and Rich in Indian file again in Park Lane
Strange fruit is again making an appearance - this, in Park Lane, is one of four bags of dog crap flung into the hedgerow. Hard to credit that a million years of human evolution has come to this. Human race, disgrace.
Dave has given blood for the cause (of clearing brambles with his billhook at Rudloe Fiveways)
Rich returning to base to add to the pile ...
... of ten bags, which will be collected by idverde (Wiltshire Council's French contractor) tomorrow
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