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1st March 2020 and Bellway rubbish can be found on this side of the Bradford Road as well as the other

A low turnout today: Brian, Rod, Lorraine, Gordon and Dave are pictured, Mike has already departed and with yours truly that makes just seven adults; Dave's grandson joined us some minutes later
This abomination (both the supposed 'science park' and its hoarding) has blocked an important view designated in the Wiltshire Landscape Character Assessment and the Wiltshire Core Strategy. A view, effectively, lost forever to the benefit of one man.
A suburban manicured bank replaces the rural tree line and summer canopy formerly found here (see photos below)
Bradford Road in 2013
Bradford Road in 2013
Bradford Road, now with double-yellow lines, and its summer canopy in 2016
Rural Bradford Road in late summer 2016
Bradford Road in summer 2017
And this is the unnecessary greenfield development we have today turning rural into suburban. But with no services here, all trips to supermarkets, for example, must involve a journey to Chippenham or Melksham. So why build here?
Some natural colour (ivy) in the Bradford Road verge
And some unnatural colour in the Bradford Road verge
As we (Brian and myself) move down the Bradford Road, we encounter Lorraine coming in the opposite direction
And here we are, Brian heading east and Lorraine heading west
The March haul which isn't bad given that today saw the lowest turnout for quite some time - maybe twas something to do with St David ...
... and talking of St David, here are some daffodils in the Leafy Lane verge no doubt well-watered by the wettest February on record
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