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I used to think I was a fungi down at the pub but there wasn't too mushroom at the bar. Stir crazy after four months of lockdown, the Rudloe litter picks restarted on Sunday 5th July 2020 and here we find a tunnel fungus (possibly) in the Bradford Road woodland adjacent to the school.

A socially-distanced start to the July 2020 litter pick with, from left, Gordon (chatting with Phil and Denise), Brian, Derrick, Madeleine, John P, John H and Dave with Mike and Howard yet to arrive that makes a round 10 (including me)
There's Mike setting off down Westwells Road
John P in the Bradford Road. The verges are relatively clear of litter as the takeaways (McDonalds) have been closed for months.
Ground elder in the Bradford Road with the monstrosity courtesy of Johaficky Investments behind. This trashing of the Rudloe landscape was sanctioned by Messrs Wastnage and Watt of Bath ASU (Johafiky) - see articles elsewhere.
More ground elder in the Bradford Road verge and a new type of, apparently now common, litter has appeared
Also in the Rudloe woodland close to the school, Cuckoo Pint or Lords and Ladies. The pollen of the flowers throws off a faint light at dusk hence the colloquial names Fairy Lamps or Shiners.
On the Bradford Road verge at Rudloe Estate, this knapweed was specifically identified as brown knapweed (but we don't know why as there's nothing brown about it) by an app called PictureThis on Brian's iPhone
Brian and John P on the verges of the Bradford Road, Rudloe Estate beyond
Watch this space - the 15-acre (foreground) field 'below' Rudloe Estate owned by Great Tew Estates (ragwort in field)
And this field, on the Bradford Road, twixt Rudloe and Pickwick is also owned by Great Tew Estates
Ah yes, back to litter and a rendezvous on the A4 at Copenacre between Dave and Howard who had been coming down the A4 and Brian and yours truly who had 'done the loop' down the Bradford Road, through the 'cut', and up the A4
Back to plants - I just couldn't resist it - a patch of greater celandine across from our Copenacre rendezvous point. There's another big patch of this at the traffic lights in Box, opposite the ongoing wall repairs.
A post-pick wash-up between John H, Madeleine and Derrick at the junction of Leafy Lane and Boxfields Road
The usual dreadful haul but let's not forget that this is the first litter-pick for four months. Wiltshire Council will pick this up tomorrow (Monday).
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