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2nd February 2020 and the title pictures show a Bellway banner adding to the litter by the A4 below Copenacre and KFC detritus including about ten unopened sauce sachets from those people that choose to eat from a bucket

Rudloeites gather for the February litter pick; the throng includes an apprentice, Jan, Rod (wot, no Lorraine?), Gordon, Derrick, Madeleine, Bernard, Meg, John and Dave with Mike already departed and Howard yet to arrive, so a baker's dozen
Derrick sets off down the newly-urbanised Bradford Road
Between one- and two-million years of human evolution has produced creatures who believe that bagging dog crap in plastic and chucking it into a thick bramble patch is acceptable behaviour. Hard to credit isn't it?
A rare shot of the lesser-spotted crap catcher in the bramble thicket behind Springfield Close
The urbanisation of west Corsham - compare the prospect, below, just 18 months ago
The high-voltage wires are humming powerfully in the strong wind; the Redcliffe urbanisation lies beyond
Moss in the Bradford Road
Farming still going on in one of the few remaining west Corsham fields; the Redcliffe urbanisation lies beyond
The Redcliffe development again beyond the dung heap
Perhaps a cider-drinking mother chucked this nappy from a passing car; perhaps not (this is the A4 verge twixt Copenacre and Rudloe Firs)
This substantial bag of litter was collected between Copenacre and Rudloe Firs
The fruit of the February Rudloe litter pick
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