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The Feast of St Nicholas, 6th December 2020, brought the December litter pick to the highways and byways of Rudloe (and a little beyond). Lockdown ended on 2nd December so we just had to follow the Tier 2 rules for our initial gathering. The title picture shows the chimney at the Bradford Road side of Pickwick Quarry.

Once again, a baker's dozen (Dave, Jan, Lorraine, Meg, John P, Gordon, Rod, Madeleine, Derrick, Rob, Brian, Mike and yours truly) 'gathered' (see above) for the December litter pick. And in this 'Time of Covid' a Private Eye cartoon from this week's edition is apposite ...

Brian and yours truly (along with Rob for part of the way) formed the Bradford Road/CORM121 (right of way)/Bath Road 'team' and between us we must have picked up around a dozen discarded masks. The cartoon reminds me of the situation a few years ago when Sainsbury's, and other supermarkets, introduced the more substantial,10p, plastic bags in an effort to reduce the 'throwaway bag' mentality. But (some) people continued to discard the 10p bags - see the 29th January 2016 article here: 29th January 2016 article (page down about half-a-dozen times).

Rob 'neath the horse chestnut tree in the Bradford Road and risking life and limb (Rob, not the horse chestnut) given that many drivers (usually younger ones) make no attempt to moderate their speed
The 'Contrary' Younger Bear (ref the 1970 movie Little Big Man) seen from the alternate (ref the Rule of 6) meeting point in the wooded area behind the top Springfield Close terrace
The remnants of an accident (requiring the attendance of an ambulance) by the entrance to the new Dickens Gate development in the Bradford Road. An accident already after just a few months of use - this does not bode well.

The initial planning application (13/05724/OUT) for the Dickens Gate development stated: "In summary, the accident record along the local highway network over the three year period does not indicate any particular highway safety issue within the area considered. It is unlikely that the prevalence of accidents on the local highway network in the vicinity of the site will be materially affected by the proposed development." Famous last words. 

The roadworks now underway at the Bradford Road/Rudloe Estate/Skynet Drive junction for the installation of a Toucan crossing (and associated works). Toucan? This name came, curiously, from its width enabling easy two-way crossing!

The installation of a Toucan crossing at the Bradford Road/Skynet Drive/Rudloe Estate junction, now in November/December 2020, is odd for two reasons. The first is the timing - why now? The second is why here? There has been a need for decades, by the residents of Rudloe Estate, for a crossing at this point. A number of accidents, some serious, have occurred here. It appears that the coming of the crossing has been hastened by the construction of the Dickens Gate development, but with just 88 homes compared with Rudloe Estate's 250, this may be seen as yet another example of Wiltshire Council's negative attitude towards Rudloe Estate.


In view of the long-overdue requirement for this crossing, it may seem strange to ask the question, why here? But now, with the approaching development of 168 homes at the ex-RAF Rudloe No. 2 Site in Westwells Road, there will be a requirement for pedestrians from this new estate to access the school and bus stops in the Bradford Road and Leafy Lane. Where will this crossing be installed? In order to avoid two crossings (e.g. Westwells Road, Park Lane), it seems that the only option is somewhere in the vicinity of the mini-roundabouts at Rudloe Fiveways.

Back to the subject of litter - here's one of the discarded facemasks by the roadworks
And here's a discarded shovel within the roadworks
A modern montage: a greenfield development (Redcliffe's Park Place), a discarded Starbucks coffee cup and a bag of dog crap
Memorial to David Morgan, killed at this spot on the Bradford Road in an August 2007 motorbike accident
The hazels in the hedgerow in the Bradford Road 'below' Rudloe Estate still have their leaves on 6th December
One of (the largest) the last meadows in the Bradford Road 'below' Rudloe Estate - soon to be the subject of speculative housing development
Brian venturing into foreign territory down the Bradford Road
Did you know that there was a WWII pillbox (with the warning sign) hidden here in the Bradford Road
Spot the dummy (no, not Brian) - this is the entrance to right of way CORM121
In CORM121 - stated many times before but a million years of human evolution has come to this
Emerging from CORM121 onto the A4; the Copenacre development lies beyond
A montage of leaves on a discarded board in the A4 verge
Brian in the A4 verge below Halfway Firs and opposite the Copenacre development
Murphy's Law - it has just started raining and we have a long treck back to base
Shut, and broken, in the A4 verge below Halfway Firs
McDonalds cup and plastic dinosaur in the A4 verge at Halfway Firs, Brian across the road
Brian in the A4 verge below Rudloe Firs; no luck here this year (we found two tenners here last year)
These sheep wandered across to see what we were up to (I suppose they thought we might have brought lunch)
The sheep in context; Rudloe Firs at left, landmark field maple beyond
Woodruff in the A4 verge opposite Rudloe Firs
Beech hedge at the brow of Box Hill
This month's haul - 19 black bags along with some larger items which will be collected by Wiltshire Council tomorrow (Monday)
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