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Rudloescene now, in January 2014, has a sister, academic rather than anarchic, website about Box history here: http://www.boxpeopleandplaces.co.uk/

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November 2019 - locals (John pictured) clear Bradford Road of litter while the 'authorities' despoil the environment by felling and poisoning our trees (title picture 1); cyclamen opposite Stone Close as Brian passes on the Bradford Road/A4 circuit (title picture 2); the throwaway society is approaching its zenith as people have started to throw money away - these two ten-pound notes were found in the A4 verge above Copenacre (title picture 3)

November's crew assembled: Derrick, Madeleine, John, Rod (behind John), Brian, Lorraine (behind Brian), Bernard, Dave's grandson, Jan (hidden by Dave), Dave, Meg venturing forth and with Mike already departed and Howard yet to arrive
Howard taking the high road behind Springfield Close
John clearing litter in our former meadow, now despoiled by development which was supported by Corsham Town Council and Box Parish Council. Now, Corsham Town Council opposes the brownfield development at ex-RAF Rudloe No 2 Site - unbelievable!
John points out the new 'Welcome to the Parish of Box' sign in Bradford Road. More accurately, this should say 'Welcome to Rudloe, an outpost of the parish of Box, which receives no support from the council'.
Brian in a relatively quiet Bradford Road thanks to the three-month road closure for works associated with the desecration of our environment (see articles at News, Rudloe and News, Hawthorn on this website)
A landscape version of the title picture - cyclamen in the Bradford Road verge opposite Stone Close with Brian hunting for litter beyond
Brian heading up the A4 at Copenacre. A number of 'Let by' signs have appeared on this new development indicating that houses are being snapped up, not by home buyers, but by speculators looking for profit ...
... and here's our profit for the day - two tenners found in the A4 verge above Copenacre
Now on the hunt for £20 notes in the A4 verge opposite Rudloe Firs
Rudloe Firs is beginning (only beginning on 3rd November!) to look autumnal; Brian is pondering how to spend his tenner
Leafy Lane Wood too is beginning to look autumnal; still no further news on the proposed natural burial site here
Sixteen sacks of litter plus various other paraphernalia is this month's haul
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