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7th July 2019 and the midsummer Rudloe litter pick sees: Dave, Howard and Robin in Leafy Lane, John in his gold-tinted glasses in the Bradford Road and the litter of the new Redcliffe Estate in the designated 'strategic gap' twixt Corsham and Rudloe (across the wheat field and with convolvulus arvensis in the foreground). 

Rod, Lorraine, John, Gordon and Robin prepare for the off, Mike and Meg having already departed. Dave and Howard were late arrivals and with yours truly taking the pic, that makes ten Rudloeites on this midsummer venture.
And off they go, Howard and Robin down Leafy Lane, and Lorraine, Rod and Gordon down Westwells Road and Bradford Road
Nine months after the start of work, the height (above the roadway) of the new, Bellway development indicates that important views across the Clay Vale will be blocked for everyone except for those living in the south-east quadrant of the new estate
The Redcliffe section of the west Corsham conurbation creeps closer to Rudloe. At this, western, end we see some of the sixty 'affordable' homes (closer to Rudloe and the pylons and allocated to the Merlin housing association) taking shape
The owner of Wideacre, twixt the Stone Close estate and Halfway Firs, has (thankfully and as far as I know) resisted approaches from developers
The trees of the Lucknam Park Estate describe a line twixt Colerne and Thickwood. Here (Lucknam Park), according to John, hundreds of butterflies of many different types may be found in a meadow deliberately left uncut.
Back to litter! Looks like a fairly modest haul but this pile amounts to one bag per person which is absolutely good enough!
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